This surreal Russian sitcom told the story of a fictional Hollywood sci-fi director who gives up filmmaking and moves to Moscow to pursue his ambition of creating an invisibility machine. All seven episodes were developed and written by WaittMedia and the final show was directed by WaittMedia's Chris, with help from his Russian wife Alexandra Boyarskaya Waitt (now ex-wife).  WaittMedia also composed the music for the show. The series was broadcast to great acclaim on MTV Russia. The show was sponsored by Jameson Whiskey, who gave WaittMedia total creative freedom to create the most madcap sitcom he could imagine, with the single proviso the the lead character be named 'Jameson'.

Director: Chris Waitt

Creative Development: WaittMedia

Writers: Chris Waitt, Garth Volbeck

Music: Chris Waitt (as Kid DJ)

Translator: Alexandra Boyarskaya Waitt

Editor: Henry Trotter

Producers: Nikita Zeltser, Chris Waitt

Production Company: Look at Me

Broadcaster: MTV Russia